Miss Colombia Should Capitalize?

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It was every young girl’s fantasy while playing in her bedroom mirror to walk a runway, sparkling and waving to her fans, crowned a beauty queen. Using an old beach towel tied around her neck to represent her royal cape, a plastic diamond tiara cocked to the side, and wearing her mother’s high heels, she gives her speech to her audience of stuffed teddy bears, unicorns, Barbie dolls, and her pet dog about achieving world peace. Even at the age of seven years old, she understands being crowned Miss America does not compare to being voted the most beautiful girl in the whole universe.

The Miss Universe pageant is an accumulation of one beauty queen from each country. Though the program is not as highly publicized like it had been ten years ago, this past 2015 Miss Universe pageant sent the ratings skyrocketing for the first time in ages. Now that business mogul Donald Trump is no longer the host, the audience truly enjoyed comedian and radio personality Steve Harvey replacing him. However, Harvey made the mistake of all mistakes that could possibly be made during a pageant. When the event got down to the last two finalists, Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia, the viewers were on the edge of their seats, waiting for Harvey to crown the new Miss Universe.


Both Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia stood trembling anxiously in their evening gowns, waiting for the big announcement. The world came to a screeching halt as Harvey mistakenly crowned Miss Colombia. Miss Philippines stood shocked as if she knew he had made a horrible mistake. The mix-up almost caused the Internet to break! Harvey, a seasoned tough skinned comic, rolled with the thousands of tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook postings making fun of his error. He humbly apologized to Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines. Miss Colombia had to give up the crown of Miss Universe. I cannot even begin to imagine how that must have felt.

Taking the opportunity to dig the knife in deeper to everyone involved, former host Trump stated the mix-up would not have happened if he were still host. Seeing as how Trump has publicly expressed his feelings about immigrants moving into America, hosting a pageant filled with gorgeous women from every country in the world just does not seem like a good match. Trump was fired from his duties. Even though Harvey made the error that will go down in pageant history, he brought great ratings to the program causing millions of people to suddenly pay attention to the Miss Universe pageant.


Rumors circulated the media that Miss Colombia intended to sue Harvey for $5 million for her pain and social humiliation. My question is; why? Did Taylor Swift sue Kanye West for jumping on stage during her MTV Moonman award acceptance speech telling the judges Beyonce should have won it instead? No. Why? Because West’s actions brought international attention to the young singer who was new on the music scene. Her career took off to heights she probably would not have reached had the infamous incident not occurred. Swift thanked West all the way to the bank.


Miss Colombia is a household name now because of Harvey. Suing him for $5 million would be minute compared to the money she could possibly earn if she strategize and seizes this moment. With a good publicist and manager, the beauty queen could capitalize on the highly televised hiccup. Endorsements, movie deals, a book of memoirs, a cosmetic line, and the list of possibilities continues, Miss Colombia can come out on top anyway. Stunningly gorgeous and statuesque, the universe is still her oyster.

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