Obama Closing Gun Show Loophole

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Gun control has become even more of a prevalent topic for debate. President Obama has made clear throughout his terms of being president that he wants changes made regarding gun control. Over the past several years since Sandy Hook, Charleston, S.C. shooting, and other violent domestic gun crimes it is clear something needed to be changed. President Obama could not agree more. He has made it clear he wants to tighten the current gun laws to ensure as much safety as possible without taking away the American citizen right to bear arms.


The NRA National Rifle Association and other firearm enthusiasts hold many gun shows throughout the year. At these gun shows one is able to easily purchase guns from private sellers. This enables anyone of those buyers to purchase a gun just based on the private sellers discretion. As long as the seller does not know or has reasonable cause to believe that the buyer would be prohibited purchase of a firearm then they can sell to that buyer. So in essence that would pretty much allow anyone to be able to purchase a firearm at a gun show. You can see why that doesn’t settle right with people. When purchasing a firearm at a store location or any other FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder it is a law that there must be a record kept and proper background check of the person purchasing the firearm. So why does this not include gun show sales. Well just like other systems there are always loopholes to be found. Unfortunately the loopholes here are regarding weapons.


Some states in the past year have taken it upon themselves and have initiated stricter gun laws. States like Connecticut and Washington, D.C. have gone above the federal law regulations when it comes to background checks. So what does this executive action initiated by President Obama change?

  1. All sellers of firearms are required to have a license and must complete background checks no matter where the firearms are sold. This is a way to keep guns out of the wrong hands by completion of proper background checks. More examiners will be hired to help with background checks. Having background checks available 24/7 and alert local police when someone who isn’t prohibited to purchase a firearm tries to.
  2. Intends to make communities safer from gun violence. Two hundred new jobs created to help with enforcement of gun laws. To help encourage and educate gun safety and laws surrounding it.
  3. Help increase mental health treatment with a proposed $500 million dollars. Since many of the mass shooting were blamed on mental illness by politicians Obama set up a plan.
  4. Ensure gun safety. Obama believes that with technology a decrease in accidental and intentional gun crimes would happen. Allowing the only person to unlock a gun for use is the gun owner themselves.

Many believe that these stricter gun laws are going to limit people and test the constitution. Many presidential candidates have said that if elected they would remove the executive action taken by President Obama. Of course the majority of those candidates are Republicans.  


Timothy McGinty: Who Is He?

What kind of prosecuting attorney persuades a grand jury to set the suspect free? I am so confused. I thought the prosecutor was supposed to present evidence to the grand jury to prove the suspect’s guilt in a murder case. Since when does the prosecutor have a heart for a killer? Was there reasonable doubt in the police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice back in 2014? Thanks to video surveillance, the doubt was removed. America was able to witness exactly what happened. Cleveland, Ohio police officer Timothy Loehmann drove up onto a child playing with a plastic pellet gun in a park and, within a recorded two seconds, shot the child down dead. Prosecuting attorney Timothy McGinty believed Loehmann was within his right to kill the 12-year-old.

timothy mcginty

McGinty argued on behalf of Loehmann that there was no way the police officer could have known that the toy gun was not real. Loehmann explained that Rice looked older than 12 years old. However, in the state of Ohio if Rice was an adult, he would have been within his right to open carry his firearm in a park. Loehmann violated Rice’s rights and made the fatal error of not questioning the kid before killing him within those recorded two seconds. McGinty, a former county judge and probation officer before becoming a prosecuting attorney, told Cleveland Magazine back in 2012 that he believes it is very important to never lie to a jury. He stated they must know all of the facts, so that they will come to an informed decision. I am curious, along with millions of others around the country, what evidence did McGinty present to the grand jury for them to set Loehmann free for murdering a child captured on camera?


The NAACP is demanding the court transcripts. McGinty is possibly relieved that the state of Ohio prohibits the organization from attaining the information that was presented to the grand jury. The NAACP is determined to find out who was on that grand jury as well as get access to the court documents in Rice’s murder. While the grand jurors are understandably shaking in their boots concerned with their names one day being released to the public, protesters have found out where McGinty lives with his family and have staked out his home, picketing. The prosecutor clearly has been used to getting away with alleged unethical court practices. But now with video recordings available to the world, his alleged dealings are becoming a tad challenging to cover-up. America is not stupid.

The long time marathon runner who has gotten into feuds with radio personality Howard Stern in the past, does not seem to be at all concerned about his career. His arrogance is almost disturbing. Many believe he basically freed a man who killed a child on camera and is sitting back with a powerful grin. He knows that the law will protect him. America is struggling to understand why McGinty chose to fight for the suspect and not the innocent child lying dead in a cemetery. Something is not adding up. Was McGinty paid off? Prosecutors need their relationship with law enforcement. Was this a favor repaid? The public just does not understand who McGinty is and who is he fighting for? One thing we know for certain, he had no desire to fight for Rice. How many other child killers has McGinty set free for a favor or money?